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About Continuum

 About Continuum
Continuum for Mental Health provides high quality services that serve a growing demand to promote mental health awareness and wellbeing across all sectors. Continuum offers essential mental health training, consultancy and support to a diverse range of clients with a view to improving mental health literacy and creating productive work environments. Our mission is to facilitate the development of positive, open learning cultures in which workplace wellbeing is central to organisational growth.

Continuum deploys qualified mental health practitioners to facilitate all courses. Our trainers are selected with the upmost discernment to combine experience and expertise ensuring quality and depth of delivery as well as ready expertise to respond to any challenges that might arise for delegates.

In addition to offering Mental Health First Aid licensed courses Continuum designs bespoke training programmes to meet the specific needs of the public and third sectors, educational establishments, institutions and the community. Continuum offers continued supervisory support for your Mental Health First Aiders and consultation for complex or ongoing presentations.


Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid is an internationally recognised training initiative designed to raise awareness, understanding and confidence.

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Critical Incident Debrief

The Critical Incident Debrief (CID) is recommended following traumatic events to provide protected time for emotional processing.

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Supervision and Support

Continued support and supervision promotes positive workplace wellbeing. Enhance performance by investing in mental health provision for staff.

Conflict Resolution

Sustain productivity and morale by creating a safe and healthy working environment. Understand how to approach conflict in a timely and non-confrontational manner.


Mental health expertise to support organisational strategy, growth and wellbeing. Ensure policies are staff friendly and commensurate with legislation.

Mental Health Clinics

Provide regular and reliable support to meet the needs of employees. Mental health clinics serve as a preventative and proactive measure to optimise wellbeing.

Mental Health First Aid

Why mental health first aid?

Mental Health First Aid England (MHFA) offers employers and organisations a starting point for workplace wellbeing. MHFA has created a range of courses to suit a variety of needs that will promote the development of a healthy workforce yielding increased productivity and reduced absence. 

The HSE is taking a significant interest in mental health training and it is hoped that it will become mandatory in the future, for now it is a positive and important step forward for responsible employers. MHFA and the UK Government are looking towards parity of esteem with physical first aid so that Mental Health First Aiders will be identified within work settings in the same way that other first aiders are - an essential  point of contact and support for employees who may be struggling with mental health issues. Mental health awareness in the work place is gathering momentum, identifying Mental Health First Aiders amongst your workforce will empower staff to seek support in a timely manner and support the cause to prevent workplace stress and sickness.

In public facing industries MHFA training provides additional value by improving the working knowledge and confidence of your team to respond to unexpected situations at a customer services level as well as being central to the welfare of your workforce. Continuum is committed to promoting mental health literacy and dialogue within your organisation. 

Keeping mental health on the training agenda marks an important step in a wider initiative for organisations to implement a cultural shift in staff wellbeing strategies. At Continuum we advocate an organisational approach encompassing comprehensive mental health support across whole staffing structures. Such an endeavour would incorporate ongoing specialised supervision for Mental Health First Aiders to ensure that a framework for appropriate support is available to provide continued learning, development and reflection. 

The business case for for endorsing positive mental health at work is clearly outlined by MHFA who present a compelling argument in favour of putting into practice a robust wellbeing agenda.


Retain skills by reducing staff turnover

Almost a third (31%) of staff said that they would consider leaving their current role within the next 12 months if stress levels in their organisation did not improve.

Cut sickness absence

Mental health issues such as stress, depression or anxiety account for almost 70 million days off sick per year, the most of any health condition, costing the UK economy between £70-£100 billion per year.

Reduce presenteeism

The annual cost of mental health-related presenteeism (people coming to work and underperforming due to ill health) is £15.1 billion or £605 per employee in the UK.

Demonstrate a commitment to corporate social responsibility

Workplace mental ill-health costs employers £26 billion every year through lost working days, staff turnover and lower productivity. However many business leaders still admit to prejudice against people with mental health issues in their organisation.

Decrease likelihood of grievance and discrimination claims from unhappy staff

Grievances or more simply: concerns, problems or complaints that employees raise with their employers’, are on the rise.

Ensure compliance with legislation by understanding the law

If a mental health issue has adverse effects on someone's ability to perform day-to-day tasks, this is considered a disability under the Equality Act 2010. Employers have a duty not to discriminate and to make reasonable adjustments in the workplace.

Ensure a healthier workplace

On average, employees take seven days off work a year for health reasons and it is estimated that mental health issues account for 40% of this figure. Yet up to 90% feel unable to be honest about this being the reason for their absence.

Improve staff morale

60% of employees say they'd feel more motivated and likely to recommend their organisation as a good place to work if their employer took action to support mental health and wellbeing.

Increase staff engagement and commitment

"Supporting mental health within the workplace is not just a corporate responsibility, staff who have positive mental health are more productive and businesses who promote a progressive approach to mental health can see a significant impact on business performance so it's about good business too." Dr Justin Varney National Lead for Adult Health and Wellbeing, Public Health England.

Optimise performance

There is a strong link between staff wellbeing and performance. Taking a positive, proactive approach to mental health at work can help you grow your staff and your organisation.


  •  28/05/2020 08:30 AM - 29/05/2020 05:30 PM
  •   Continuum Office and Training Room

Mental Health First Aid two-day course for individuals, employers, organisations and communities. Accredited by Mental Health First Aid England (MHFA) delegates will qualify as Mental Health First Aiders.

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  •  19/03/2020 09:30 AM - 20/03/2020 05:30 PM
  •   Continuum Office and Training Room

Mental Health First Aid two-day course for individuals, employers, organisations and communities. Accredited by Mental Health First Aid England (MHFA) delegates will qualify as Mental Health First Aiders.

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  •  27/02/2020 09:30 PM - 28/02/2020 05:30 PM
  •   Continuum Office and Training Room

Mental Health First Aid two-day course for individuals, employers, organisations and communities. Accredited by Mental Health First Aid England (MHFA) delegates will qualify as Mental Health First Aiders.

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 Having sat on the 2 day Mental Health course that was facilitated by Continuum, I found myself re-evaluating my attitude toward mental health and my awareness of this very real issue. The course was insightful and delivered in a way that was completely engaging from start to finish. The course effectively addressed identifying the signs and signals of someone who may be affected by mental health issues and how assistance can be offered to those in need. I would strongly recommend this course to anyone who has a responsibility for others in the workplace or even just to broaden their own awareness."

Adrian PulhamManaging Director

 I found the Continuum team to be knowledgable, warm and understanding towards all delegates. A safe space was created for everyone to open up about personal opinions, challenges and experiences around mental health in order to understand and to learn how recognise their own struggles but more importantly others within the work place. The feedback from our teams was very positive and we would highly recommend Mental Health First Aid as an important component of ensuring staff welfare."

Charlotte BryantDirector

 Following an incident involving serious injury to my workforce I arranged for the team at Continuum to deliver a Critical Incident Debrief. My staff were suffering from varying degrees of shock and trauma and as the Managing Director I felt ultimate responsibility for their welfare. This event served as a powerful reminder of the real and potential dangers involved in the industry. I was impressed by the facilitators as they effectively guided my team through the process with great sensitivity and expertise. After explaining the debrief the scene was set to optimise a comfortable and safe environment in which participants could openly express their feelings about the incident."

ArborforceMananging Director